In the 1960s, large colleges and universities had the first local area networks (LAN). In the mid-1970s, Ethernet was developed by Xerox PARC (Xerox Palo Alto Research Center) and deployed in 1976. Chase Manhattan Bank in New York had the first commercial use of a LAN in December 1977. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, it was common to have tens or hundreds of individual computers located in the same site. Many users and administrators were attracted to the concept of multiple computers sharing expensive disk space and laser printers.

From the mid 1980s to through the 1990s, Novell’s Netware dominated the LAN software market. Over time, competitors such as Microsoft came out with comparable products to the point where nowadays, local networking is considered base functionality for any operating system. We offer IT support services which enable many local businesses to get their hands on great computers that meet their unique needs. However, for your company to run its computer network effectively, it also needs a similarly great range of computer and networking accessories. We stock such a range, including switches, cables, connectors and faceplates. Here, we explain how computer and networking accessories that we offer could greatly enhance your company’s success. we are doing Networking wholesaler in chennai.


A network switch is used to connect together many devices on one computer network. Switches often differ in their features; layer-3 or multilayer switches, for example, can be used to route packets. We at Business IT Plus offer switches for several different types of networks, including Fibre Channel, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Ethernet and InfiniBand.


We offer cables that you can use to connect one network device to other network devices or connect at least two computers to enable them to use the same devices, like printers and scanners. The types of network cables that we offer include coaxial cables, optical fibre cables and twisted pair cables. We have knowledgeable staff who can help you to choose the right cables for your company’s network if you are confused.


To an extent, network connectors are self-explanatory; they can, of course, be used by your company to connect to a network! To be more precise, however, they are interfaces for linking devices by using cables. We offer several different types of connectors, including BNC connectors, for use with coaxial cables; RJ45 connectors, one of the main types of connectors for using with Ethernet network cards; and RJ11 connectors, one of the most frequently used types of connectors for using with telephone lines.


Faceplates are useful for helping to improve safety and reduce trailing cables and the resulting clutter of such. We also sell an impressive variety of them and other computer and networking accessories, as part of our IT support Chichester and Bognor services so don’t be afraid to seek our help if you are unsure which of these faceplates are right for your company’s network.