Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset

A Bluetooth headset allows a wireless connection between a headset and a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. For those who are not completely up with the advancements of technology, Bluetooth is a rather low-cost means for different devices to communicate with each other via a secure, short-range radio frequency. With this technology, up to seven connections can be made at one time, including cell phones, headsets, cameras, global positioning system (GPS) devices, printers, keyboards, handheld computers, and even Bluetooth-capable cars.

Types Bluetooth Headset

Avantalkn BlueAnt BlueTrek
Cardo Duracell ECO Sound Engineering
Emerson Encore Electronics Jabra
LG Logitech Motorola
MyVoice Nexxus Nokia
Samsung Sony-Ericsson VXI etc.

In the case of cars, a headset allows the driver to use a cell phone through the car’s audio system and an onboard navigation screen. For two devices to work together, a simple connection is established. Bluetooth technology has a range of 30 feet (10 m). Compared to wireless fidelity, or Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® uses the same frequency range but does not reach near the distances. Wi-Fi also requires costlier hardware.

A Bluetooth headset is small and lightweight, with some models weighing less than 1 ounce (28 g). It can provide up to five hours of talk time and as many as 100 hours of standby time. The headset allows the wearer to use a cell phone without wires, even if it is in a bag, pocket, piece of luggage, or nearby room.

As most working people spend a substantial part of their day travelling and commuting, staying entertained has only become more of a necessity, rather than a desire.Headphones have helped address the boredom issues to a great extent. Whether it is for listening to music or indulging in a phone conversation, headphones are proving quite useful. The headphone industry has been experiencing quite an upsurge, especially after the popularity of smartphones and pocketable music players. Like most other products on the market, there are too many options with headphones, as well.

This, as a result, makes it quite tough for the average user to choose the right accessory. Headphones are not just chosen based on their performance and design, but also on their convenience factor. The unfortunate part being most of the headphones do not tend to pack in all its goodness in the right proportions. The ones that are good at the design front might not be very convenient to put on, and the ones that hook up quite nicely might be outright shabby with their sound quality. Headsets are not just used with pocketable devices; they are also paired with computers, laptops, or other PC devices. we are doing bluetooth headset wholesaler in chennai.