Limit Switch and Sensor

Limit Switch and Sensor

Highlight is the world's first LSE (Limit Switch Electronic) electronic position switch. The devices can compensate for all measurement tolerances with every application: The need for cumbersome adjustment with gauges and sliding callipers is completely eliminated. Each device has a freely programmable operating point and can be individually adjusted to suit the application and can be changed as often as required.

Wide Range of Limit Switch and Sensor

Limit Switch Single Plunger Limit Switch Multiple Plunger Limit Switch
Multiple Limit Switch Proximity Sensor Selector Switch
Push Button Emergency Stop Indicating Light
NO/NC Element Illuminated Push Button LED Lum. Selector Switch

The innovative LSE position switches represent a market premiere, as it is the first time that a single device for all applications has been launched on the market, and is also for safety-relevant tasks and applications. The use of just a single type offers a wide-range of advantages: There is an enormous reduction in the complexity and expense in areas such as logistics, purchase order processing, stock keeping and administration associated with bills of materials.

Further convincing advantages: Divergent positions for the attachment bores or tolerances of brackets and flaps have no influence on the operating point of the position switch. After mounting the device, the operating point is “learned” eliminating any time-consuming fine adjustment tasks. This saves precious time and avoids high tooling costs. Furthermore, every electrician and mechanic around the globe is in a position to effortlessly adjust the devices. The devices plainly signal all actions and include optical indication. we are doing Electrical Limit Switch and Sensor whole saler in chennai.