Traveling Companion

Travelers enjoy the portability of a laptop. Laptops take up less space and can be run by batteries, which provide the freedom from cords.

Business Companion

Shelly Cozart, a sales and marketing associate for 99.9FM WTUZ, describes her laptop as a “portable production studio.” Cozart explains that her laptop allows her the convenience of recording, editing and copying commercials onto a CD in the privacy of her client’s office.

Wide range of Accessories of Laptop

Battery Keyboard Memory Kit
Mouse Peripherals Laptop Skin
Mac Games Memory Card Microphone
Mouse Pad Bags Cordless Keyboard and Mice
Home Office Companion

The benefit of laptops is not limited to the business professional. According to Laptop Worldwide, “laptops have memory, both RAM and ROM, just like desktops” that can retain personal billing information and keep track of favorite recipes.

Educational Companion

The laptop provides educators with programs that create presentations to enhance student learning. Students have the advantage of using their computers for taking notes and doing research for papers.

Entertainment Companion

Laptop users can watch their favorite movies by using the DVD player or use a media center program to create their own movies or manage photos and music.

Wide Brands Of laptops