Batteries & Chargers

Batteries & Chargers

Types of battery chargers

Simple chargers Fast chargers Inductive chargers
Intelligent chargers Motion-powered charger Pulse chargers
Solar chargers Timer-based(HI) chargers Trickle chargers
Universal battery charger‚Äďanalyzers USB-based chargers Battery charger for vehicles
Electric vehicle batteries Mobile phone charger Stationary battery plants

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Batteries that score over 70% in our lab tests are awarded Best Buy status. The scores are based on their performance in high-drain tests (60%) and very high-drain tests (40%).

We test batteries under high and very high-drain conditions and time how long they last until they're drained down to the level when most appliances stop working (1V), and to the level when all appliances would stop working (0.8V).

In the disposable batteries results tables, the lifetime star ratings are based on a combination of how long batteries last in the 1V and 0.8V tests.

In almost all Which? tests, scores ignore price and models are made Best Buys based on their performance. However, we've added a cost-per-hour analysis to the disposable batteries results tables to show which batteries represent best value under different conditions. In some cases it may be more economical to replace batteries more often, but you might not like the extra hassle and its negative environmental impact. We think the longer batteries last the better, but advise you to weigh up performance against price. we are doing batteries chargers wholesaler in chennai.