Wires And Cables

Wires And Cables

Plain old metal wires turn up a lot in electrical systems, electronics, and even in computing and optoelectronics. The metal patterns used for microwave ‘striplines’, and even the connections inside integrated circuits are essentially ‘cables’ or ‘wires’.

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There is also a serious sub-industry as part of the Hi-Fi equipment business that sells fancy connecting cables, often at high prices. Given how many cables there are, and the wide range of tasks they perform, it is seems a good idea to look at their properties with some care.

Now in order to communicate a signal we have to transfer some energy from place to place. This is because a signal without energy cannot have an effect upon a receiver. Hence it doesn’t matter whether the wires are for simple power or signal transfer, power or energy has to be transferred in both cases. We therefore need to establish how this can take place. we are doing branded wires and cables wholesaler in chennai.