Flame Proof Equipment

Flame Proof Equipments

Many types of industrial equipment can be certified using the flameproof concept. The external enclosure of flameproof equipment is designed to withstand an internal explosion. The enclosure joints permit the products of combustion, and the resulting expansion of gases, to be relieved through the joints and not to permit that explosion to transmit through to the external atmosphere.

Wide range of Flame Proof Equipment

Hand Lamp Multiple Entry Junction Boxes Switch Fuse Unit
Thermocouple Head Vessel Lamp Well Glass
Air Break Direct-on-line Starter Air Break Fully Automatic Starter Emergency Fluorescent Tube light
Fire Alarm Flood Light Fluorescent Tube light Fitting

Due to the nature of the protection method, it is usual for enclosures of any significant size to be manufactured from metal, rather than plastic. Enclosures are purpose designed to meet the constructional requirements of the standard, however some manufacturers have certified component enclosures that can be utilised for a final design. When using a component enclosure, the final design must be presented for evaluation, to confirm that internal explosion pressure limits will not be exceeded. we are doing electrical equipments wholeseller in chennai.

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